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We are proud to be a symbol of quality of education. Since its establishment in 1988.our college has long tradition of imparting quality education, a noble task for more than 27 year’s. All round development of the student is our motto. Beside academic quality we also observe cultural, social and sports development of our student’s. We have spacious library with huge number of books.

Special care of the students preparing for competitive exam is taken with special attention. Our sports and cultural department are very active and achieving success every year. Traditional as well as professional course are available according to the choice of the students. Our results are also very good. We have experienced and qualified faculties who put a lot of efforts to make golden student for his better future. We have well equipped laboratories, Gymkhana, administrative office. The management, teachers and administrative staff are very co-operative.

Future, New university Act will provide various opportunities to the students for their development and will meet their needs .it has provision which have a lot of scope for the leadership quality of the students.

I will be very much pleased to welcome new comers in our college. I wish them a bright future.

May God bless you all.

JSM College of Education (B.Ed)Shivle

NAAC – Naac Accredited with “B”

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''प्रजळितो ज्ञानमय प्रदिपः''

A lamp can never light another lamp unless
it continues to burn its own flame.


To provide hearty devoted and capable
teachers for welfare of society


  • To develop values in pupil educators
  • To develop positive attitude towards teaching profession
  • To develop self discipline among pupil educator
  • To create counselling ability in the pupil
  • To develop research views in social and qqqqqqeducational problems
  • To achieve all round development personality of pupil educator

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